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We have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of family law cases.  We have zealously represented our valued clients in resolving disputes and when needed, litigated in court, likely every type of family law case you can imagine.

Attorney Jen GV Gilliland Vanasdale was proud to have tried her first custody case over two decades ago, which involved a father who went from having limited custody time with his son to achieving equal custody time. She tried this case with limited involvement in the early stages, as her client initially had another lawyer who did not help him.  Attorney Vanasdale took over the case prior to trial and litigated against an experienced attorney for mother, knowing that mother had an expert witness in the form of the ever important child custody evaluator.  Her client was very pleased with her cross examination of said expert, but most importantly, that he achieved his goal of shared legal and physical custody of his son!  Attorney Vanasdale appreciates the annual call from her client thanking her for another year of celebration with his son; that son, who recently went off to college following a high school graduation party joined by Jen.  This is just one of the first success stories that started our reputation to show the impact we have in helping clients in need when it comes to their biggest asset – their child/ren!

Whether you are anticipating the joys of adoption or experiencing the frustrations of marital conflict, Gilliland Vanasdale Law Office, LLC can help. Our family law attorneys provide legal services in a wide spectrum of areas:

  • Adoption
  • Alimony
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Child Support Modification
  • Enforcement
  • CYS and Childline cases, to include Expungement requests
  • Divorce
  • Name Change
  • Juvenile Delinquency, Dependency and Orphan Court Proceedings
  • Mediation
  • Premarital and PostNuptial Agreements
  • PFA’s

Gilliland Vanasdale Law Office, LLC assists families with all aspects of adoptions, to include open adoptions, as applicable.  Our attorneys handle the legalities of your adoption, so you can concentrate on your new family.  We believe in adoption and are very proud to support our clients achieve the same, even when the process can be difficult.

Divorce should not lead to a financial crisis.  The attorneys at Gilliland Vanasdale Law Office, LLC will help you establish an equitable amount of spousal support, alimony pendente lite (APL) and alimony.  We also will defend if support should not be paid based on the circumstances, factors and law.  Attorney Jennifer Gilliland Vanasdale has litigated to terminate APL even while a divorce has been pending and has prevailed, even if others thought it was not possible.

Child Custody
Our attorneys will protect your parental rights to raise your children in a fit and supportive home.  We develop early on the best strategy to address custody.  We try custody cases when needed. We have also been hired after trial to argue custody cases on appeal and have prevailed, despite the difficulties involved.

Child Support
A Gilliland Vanasdale Law Office, LLC attorney can ensure you receive or pay an equitable amount of the financial support required to raise your children in a healthy, happy home.  We look to all factors and law. We have handled small cases to cases involving high paid executives and athletes.  We are reasonable and will not back down if the other side is not reasonable.

Child Support Modification and Enforcement
It is imperative that if you think that you need to seek modification of a support order or if you are defending against a sudden change in support, you should contact us to evaluate your case.  We have litigated numerous cases for and against modification.  Attorney Vanasdale has even prevailed by achieving a ‘non-suit’ after the close of (in that case father’s) case as she was able to effectively argue that a substantial change of circumstances did not occur and after argument and briefing, the trial court agreed.  This resulted in our client receiving the support payments she needed as she had just purchased a home.

If agreements are not modified, enforcement of support agreements and court orders can lead to sanctions to include possible contempt of court. Please call us right away if you have an issue with enforcement so that the attorneys can determine the best approach.

CYS and Childline cases, to include Expungement requests 
If you are involved or may be involved with Children and Youth Services, our experienced attorneys are equipped to assist and advocate in this challenging and complex system. We have decades of experience in helping our valued clients when difficult times occur and do our very best to eliminate the long term impact of adverse findings, to include Childline indicated or founded findings that must be timely appealed for Expungement proceedings.

Through mediation or litigation, our divorce law firm can help you gain equitable results from your divorce, including fair distribution of assets, division of the marital home, child support payments and child custody rights.  We handle divorces from the simplest cases to the most complex divorces that span into other countries.  We believe in developing early on a plan for our client so that an unfortunate initial situation can lead to a lifetime change for the better.  We look at the big picture and because our practice is diversified, we can help with all legal needs during the process, to include selling/buying real estate, addressing all types of assets, including businesses and of course the most important aspects of many people’s cases, custody of a child or children, as applicable.

Name Change
Whether you wish to change your name during a divorce proceeding, sometime after obtaining a Decree in divorce, or whether you wish to explore changing your name for other reasons, to include your children’s name, we can help.  We have handled every type of name change circumstance for the benefit of our clients and their need to secure their desired identity.

Juvenile Delinquency, Dependency and Orphan Court Proceedings
Gilliland Vanasdale Law Office, LLC is skilled at maneuvering through the complex laws of Pennsylvania to protect your children if in trouble, your parental rights from the interference of government authorities or private claims involving same, to include termination of parental rights.  Attorney Jennifer Gilliland Vanasdale represented a parent in the longest running dependency case in Butler County, PA.  After litigation spanning around 8 months, the dependency case was resolved in favor of reunification of her client with his children!

Mediation (informal or formal), Collaborative Practice
Mediation puts the decisions in your hands and can often provide more expedient, predictable results than trial.  The skilled negotiators at Gilliland Vanasdale Law Office, LLC can help you obtain the most equitable divorce settlement.  Mediation can be formal or informal. Attorney Vanasdale has been obtaining successful resolution of cases while in private practice and prior to that, while working for a Fortune 500 cases.  We will work with you to find the best approach to reach a reasonable resolution to your case.

Premarital and Postnuptial Agreements
Gilliland Vanasdale Law Office, LLC expects the unexpected and drafts premarital agreements that protect our clients’ interests.  A prenuptial agreement can alleviate some of the stress should you ever divorce.  A postnuptial agreement can also be an effective tool, including when spouses have marital discord and wish to make contracts for various concerns that will be upheld in the event of an eventual divorce.

PFA (Protection from Abuse)
If you are deciding whether to seek a PFA, or if you are faced with a PFA, you must act quickly.  PFAs are very important and we have negotiated and litigated all types of cases.  We want to keep our valued clients safe and seek exclusive possession too of the marital residence, as applicable. Further, if you are facing a PFA, we want to guide to reach the best solution to mitigate future consequences, which could include incarceration.

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We look forward to helping you as we have our hundreds of valued clients in the past.  Our success with those cases help as we continue to do all we can for our clients when they need us most.  Let our experience and results work for you!

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